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Rebot WoW Bot

ReBot - easy, easier, the easiest automation botting software for World of Warcraft

Quest Bot with complete automated leveling from 1 to 90.
We have the most advanced scripting system in the bot-scene. You will be able to use it without any knowledge of programming.
The Quest Bot comes with a complete Horde leveling profile made of 3000 quests. Make a character, hit start, and let the magic begin.
8 awesome bots will help you spending less time with boring tasks!

ReBot is working for latest WoW Warlords of Draenor (WoD) Patch 6.2.4

ReBot UI WoWBot World of Warcraft

General ReBot Features
  • Easy Setup
  • Runs in background
  • Performance optimized
  • Searches rare mobs
  • Advanced Mesh system
  • Intelligent pathfinding
  • Chat monitoring
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Auto equip
  • Selects talents
  • Auto use flightpaths
  • Auto switch continents

Available Bots in ReBot
ReBot wow quest bot
Quest Bot

1 to 90 with included profiles
Can solve daily quests
Easy script editor
Full scripting API
ReBot wow pvp bot
PvP Bot

All Battlegrounds supported
Intelligent action logic
No profiles needed
Combine with other bots
ReBot wow gather bot
Gather Bot

Mining / Herbalism / Skinning
Gather and Grinding
Kill rare mobs
Easy profile creator
ReBot wow Pet Battle Bot
PetBattle Bot

Level pets to 25
Collect all pets
Full automatic rotation
Easy to use
rebot archy bot free
Archaeology Bot

All continents supported
Online fragment-database
Fragments to items
Uses keystones
rebot wow auction bot free
Auction Bot

Intelligent pricing algorithmus
Deposits gold in guildbank
Get mail from other characters
Many options
rebot combat bot free
Combat Bot

No class setup required
Can do instances/raids
Follows best player
Tank/Heal/DPS supported
rebot fish bot free
Fish Bot

Finds water automatically
Can be used without profile
Fishpool mode
Used trainer and vendors

Download ReBot
Download ReBot here

ReBot is working for latest WoW Draenor Patch

Videos of ReBot

This video shows ReBot's Combat Bot in action
You want to see more videos? You find one on each bot page.

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